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SSU Gift Fee Policy


Sonoma State University


The Sonoma State University Advancement Division and the Sonoma State University Foundation (SSUF) provide essential fundraising and asset management services that benefit the entire university. To cover expenses, the Foundation relies on a mix of revenue sources; these include investment earnings, endowment management fees, gift fees, and campaign surcharges when applicable.


All gifts shall be subject to the following fees.

Fee Policy Rates

Fee TypeRate
Gift Fee

5% One time at time of receipt

Campaign Investment Fee (1)

1% (Currently Not In Effect)

Endowment Management Fee

1.0% Annually


  • Endowment funds will be pooled and unitized to represent each individual endowment fund’s share of market value of the overall pool.
  • Non-endowed donation related funds of all types (ex. scholarships and campus program funds) will not recognize any interest/earnings, nor will be charged a management fee.
  • Reasonable legal costs incurred for complex gifts will be charged to the gift. Costs shall be estimated before counsel is engaged.
  • Credit card fees charged by the bank and other reasonable transactional costs for gift transfer/acceptance are covered by the University and/or SSUF.
  • Gift Fee shall be charged to the gift at the time of receipt. It shall not reduce the “historic gift value” for purposes of accounting and gift reporting.

Waiving fees is not permitted by policy and by doing so would create an inequality for all other gifts received by Sonoma State University and Sonoma State University Foundation. However, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and foundations that have a written, board-adopted policy that prohibit fees to any one organization may submit such documentation for a waiver consideration.

The SSU Gift Fee Policy shall be consistent with and supplemental to the Gifts to the University Policy, which is approved by the University President. The University will review fee policy periodically and modify fees as appropriate. SSU Foundation Board has the right to adopt this policy as written for gifts to SSUF.


(1) Only charged during periods of officially sanctioned campaigns

Approvals: Cabinet on 5/10/19; SSUF Board on 6/7/19

Effective: 7/1/19