Executive Committee

Executive Committee is comprised of the Board Chair, Acting Board Chair, President, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Secretary, & Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  All Executive Committee members must consist of Board members.  Executive Committee shall meet as necessary.  This committee sets the agenda for the Board meetings and reviews proposed revisions to Foundation governing documents.

Current Members:

  • Dr. Mario A Perez, Board Chair & President
  • Mr. David Felte, Board Vice Chair
  • Mr. Ian Hannah, Board COO & Secretary
  • Ms. Amanda Visser, Board CFO

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is made up of at least two (2) Board members, but no Corporation officers or staff and may include non-Board members. The Chair may not be a member of the Investment Committee and Investment Committee members may not constitute a majority of the Audit Committee.  The Audit Committee shall meet at least two (2) times per year as necessary around the annual fiscal year financial audit cycle.  The Audit Committee shall review and recommend to the Board the engagement or discharge of the Corporation's independent auditor and review with the independent auditor the plan, scope, and results of the audit engagement, as prescribed by law, and report thereon to the Board.

Current Members:

  • Mr. Randy Pennington, Chair
  • Ms. Anita Christmas, Board Member
  • Ms. Jeannette Anglin, Board Member

Investment Committee

Investment Committee is comprised of a minimum of five (5) board members and meets four (4) times per year. Investment Committee will consider and make recommendations to the Board on matters relating to the Corporation's finances, not assigned by the Audit Committee, including investments, asset allocation, endowment spending policies and annual endowment distributions, budget, and risk management; and establish guidelines within which investment advisors and managers must operate; monitor adherence to and perform under those guidelines; and make periodic reports to the Board.

Current Members:

  • Mr. Ian Hannah (Co-Chair), Board COO & Secretary
  • Mr. Michael Sullivan (Co-Chair), Board Member
  • Dr. Mario A. Perez, Board Chair & President
  • Ms. Amanda Visser , Board CFO
  • Ms. Joyce Lopes, Board Member, CFO-SSU
  • Mr. Thomas Gillespie, Board Member
  • Mr. Brent Thomas, Board Member
  • Mr. Terry Atkinson, Board Member
  • Mr. Michael Troy, Committee Member

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee shall be composed of not fewer than five (5) Board members.  One of the active directors serving on the Governance Committee shall be designated by the Chair of the Board as the Governance Committee Chair and as such will also assume the role of Board Vice Chair .  Governance Committee meetings shall take place as necessary.  The Governance Committee shall be responsible for the periodic review of the Foundation's governing documents, approval of new directors, director orientation and evaluations.

Current Members:

  • Mr. David Felte, Chair & Board Vice Chair
  • Dr. Mario A. Perez, Board Chair & President
  • Mr. Ian Hannah, Board COO & Secretary
  • Ms. Jeannette Anglin, Board Member
  • Mr. Tom Isaak, Board Member

Philanthropy Committee 

The Philanthropy Committee is composed of at least five (5) directors. The Philanthropy Committee shall be responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership on fundraising activities of the Foundation, in support of the University.  Members should have knowledge and experience in the areas of development, fundraising, and knowledge of the academic schools, athletics, or other area supported. One of the active directors serving on the Philanthropy Committee shall be designated by the Chair of the Board as the Philanthropy Committee Chair.

Current Members:

  • Mr. Terry Atkinson, Chair
  • Dr. Mario A. Perez, Board Chair and President
  • Mr. Ian Hannah,  Board COO & Secretary
  • Mr. Tom Isaak, Board Member
  • Mr. Robert U'Ren, Board Member